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Names will do no good for us.
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Cool. Charming. Handsome. Charismatic. Thoughtful. Humble. Enlightened.

Several of many adjectives that do not describe me. I'm pretty much the culmination of all the sins sans Lust, because my life is gone far too wrong to worry about other genders.
iii. The Empress

As I woke up, I realized that I was no longer at home. Nor at school. But instead restrained in the back of a truck. I could not scream, for I was gagged. Nor could I escape, for I was bound. There was a man, in the back with me. With his large stature, and his unforgiving expression, one could easily mistake him for a beast, a brute in society. But his eyes seemed pained, turmoil reflecting in his eyes as he looked back at me, almost ashamed.

Then the truck had crashed.

I was thrown against the front of the car, headfirst, and I struggled to keep my consciousness. The man, unfazed, leapt out of the dangerously careening vehicle, and began to engage at his enemy, one that was not human, for he had lupine qualities and fought fiercely, able to summon large orbs of bright blue light, all during the downpour.

As the rain continued with no signs of abation, another creature joined into the melee, assisting the lupine creature bring down the man. It was fox-like, dark, and able to move at great speed to leave afterimages which seemed to move on their own, and fought with great claws on each hand.

But the battle ended quickly, the man was able to predict the movements of that dark-colored fox, and managed to swing his rifle into the soft underbelly of it. It only had time to cough before the man shot his head with a futuristic pistol, a green light quickly placing the creature out of commission. At this point, I figured that my concussed brain no longer had a grip in reality, and thought it all as hallucination.

The blue lupine creature wasn't happy about this, and fought doubly as hard. However, he soon went down as well, falling victim to a barrage of green lazers that he was unable to evade.

From there, I blacked out.


I again woke to a sterile hospital room, in contrast to the dank back of the truck. I had hoped that everything was yet a dream, until the same man who fought off those creatures entered via the only door in the small room.

He sat in the chair, and was silent. And I, too weary to speak, was silent as wel. The silence remained unbroken, until he said, "I am sorry."

I said nothing, but waited for him to continue.

He followed the prompt, "I am sorry for kidnapping you from your previous home and previous life."

In a disinterested tone, I replied, "What for? You seem good at kidnapping teenage girls and fighting other humans. You have to save money for your mansion in Bel-Air from your pitiful share of any ransom you receive. Why bother showing remorse now?" I finished, gesturing to the pair of hancuffs on my left wrist to the frame of the hospital bed.

The man seemed to take offense at this, and said nothing. So I took that as a sign to continue.

"If anything, if you were to be sorry, you would have given in to those two people while you were in combat, and allowed my escape. Instead, I am here, awaiting my fate. Quite frankly, thanks."

That man put on a fake smile. "Oh, but what if it was the choice between this job or certain death?"

I scoffed. "Certain death? Please, continue spewing nonsense to justify kidnapping."

"How about irreparable brainwashing?"

I started to laugh, until he pressed a button on the side of my bedside. The door opened again, to reveal the very same lupine creature I had seen in my hallucination. I suddenly sat up in bed, only to make a 'chink' sound as the handcuffs prevented me from sitting all the way up.

The man sighed, and said, "This here is a Pokeuman. The very same who tried to rescue you, in fact. The species is Lucario. And since he failed against me, I had no choice but to capture him. Since he refused to side with Pokextinction, the side which aims to control these beings, they decided to brainwash him (how, I have no clue) and now he has no will whatsoever, and no purpose to fulfill but our own." He concluded with a "You also happen to be one of them, which is why my orders were to capture you."

I leaned back heavily in bed. I wanted everything to stop, so I can have a chance to digest this information. But there was more.

"This entire fiasco starts where creatures like he and you were plentiful. Then humanity happened, along with a big war. So these Pokemon left, after wiping every bit of evidence, including memories. But the genetic material was still there, from cross-breeding. Then the founder of this society caused this big boom, and now anyone with enough DNA can morph into one of these creatures. And so they and their society was dubbed, "Pokeumans." And we, "Pokextinction" which tries to control them. And this has been all hush-hush, up until now." He finished.

The 'Lucario' remained standing as he was when he entered, not showing any human characteristics but remaining eerily still, almost blending into the landscape of the pure-white wall, seeming more like a high-definition photo rather than an organism with thought. His grey eyes remained staring in the area of approximately two feet left from my head.

It was all too much, and as any normal human would've done in these circumstances, threw up.

But seeing as I haven't ate recently, nothing came save for bitter bile.

The man simply sighed, and allowed me to finish emptying my innards on the floor. And when it was so, he asked, "So what are you going to do?"

I wiped my mouth on my arm, and slightly shuddered at the touch of bile. But I then said in a light whisper, "As any other living being would do."

I took one last glance at the glazed eyes of the Lucario, who didn't even react to the vomit's slow approach, and then touch. "Choose to fight on the side of the controller than be an eternal servant."


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